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The Importance of Play

The Importance of Play

As I sit here writing this post today, I was thinking to myself how often do I get out to play? I concluded not nearly often enough. Running my practice, teaching, and living my day to day life, who has time to play. But let’s think about this, play is necessary for all cultures. As early as the time of the Egyptians people worked and played.

Many of my clients with stress issues come in and the one thing that seems to be a similarity with them all, is that they do not make the time to play. One of the bits of homework that I give to clients is that they make time every day for a little play. It does not have to be anything dramatic, but things like perhaps taking a long walk in the park, or read a book for the fun of it. It is essential for good mental health to have down time.

I return to the original premise of this piece, how often do I play, well the sun is out the park is close so I will go down to the park and have a nice walk around the lake, and enjoy my day.

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