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The Importance of Modelling

The Importance of Modelling

Modelling is a formalised process of ascertaining what makes excellent people excellent at what they do. In the early 1970’s Richard Bandler and John Grinder, set out to model key therapists who
seemed to achieve consistently good results with clients, even in cases where traditional means of treatment have failed. This projectwas to form the basis of what is known today as Neuro Linguistic

The most important component to modelling is curiosity. If one wants to find and even become a model of excellence one must be curious about oneself, as well as the person(s) one is modelling. Modelling is different to copying. Copying is a simplistic process where one does what someone else does without understanding the motives or reasons why. Modelling attempts to give the modeller insight into why the model does what he or she does and thereby giving modellers the choice in what behaviours they may want to integrate in themselves.

There are three components that modellers look at when it comes to modelling: Beliefs/Values, Strategies and Behaviour Integration. We have already looked at beliefs and values earlier in earlier posts.

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