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The Importance of Friendship

The Imortance of Friendship

As a therapist, I am fasincated by what makes people mentally healthy as well as the things that do not make them healthy. Only by understanding both, can one hope to achieve some relief for people in genuine distress.

I have noticed both personally and professionally, that the people who are healthiest in mind and body are those who have a good and close circle of friends. Friendship, I believe is the cornerstone of good health. This is not to say that a person needs to have a multitude of friends, actually that may not be in a person’s best interest. I am referring to close friends who a person can count on no matter what. These friendships transcend even friendship, they become like family.

A closeness between people is the thing that makes us human, and this contact is absolutely necessary. Friendship makes life worth living, other relationships may come and go but genuine friendship transcends time and space it is what makes life worth living.

As a therapist, I attempt to help my clients foster and maintain good solid friendships it is in the client’s interests for their physical and mental health. Go and contact one of your friends today you will be glad you did.

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