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The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education

This evening I was afforded what I believe to be a great honour. I was asked to address both the Convention Faculty and the Certified Instructors of the National Guild of Hypnotists during the pre-convention programme. I have for all of my career been a passionate believer in the importance of excellence in education when it comes to the training of those who use hypnosis. The NGH Convention is a great opportunity to see various points of view when it comes to the practice of hypnosis.

I found, particularly at the Certified Instructor meeting, that the views expressed by some of my colleagues resonated greatly with me, whilst others grated on me. Despite that, it was a very useful forum for discussion. I genuinely believe that none of the speakers believed that he or she had all the answers, but that we felt free to express them and to even be criticised constructively showed me how far this profession has come.

Are there still egos in the field, yes as it is with all fields of endeavour. However despite that as we all learn to respect each other and grow as both practitioners and teachers, I feel that the profession is in a very healthy place indeed and I look forward to attending some of the wonderful presentations on offer here in Marlborough.

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