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The Importance of Connectedness

The Importance of Connectedness

When thinking about what to write about today I was enjoying my morning coffee sitting in blissful silence and it occurred to me that it is very easy to enjoy my own company because I have a sines of connectedness. Clients often come to see me with regards to feeling lonely and emotionally a drift. These feelings can lead to anxiety, depression and despair in extreme circumstances. All too often despite technology and other modern features of life, we do not connect with people as well as perhaps we did decades ago.

The need to have other people and interests in our lives cannot be overstated. People need people as the song says, and this does not mean simply having Facebook friends or Twitter followers. It is about genuine human contact and connection.

I often recommend to my clients to re-connect with old friends and family whenever possible. It can be all too easy to not be feel able to make these connections because of the passage of time. This connected feeling with other people can allow for people to enjoy their own space and time on their own. I strongly urge that if you are feeling out of sorts of lonely, make contact with an old friend, you will be glad you did.

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