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The Fear of the Unknown

The Fear of the Unknown

Well it appears that current events are living up to today’s title. People, all people, have an inherent fear of change and the unknown. Our unconscious minds have a desire for stability and sureness. Yesterday, for many in the UK, that has been cruelly taken away from them. The launching of Article 50 to begin the Brexit negotiations is all but a formality now. This was expected, feared by many but expected. In a new wrinkle, the SNP have now announced it wants another independence referendum, before Brexit is concluded. So now there is a new sense of uncertainty and fear, unexpected by many.

These two events are metaphors for change. The first represents change which we have reluctantly chosen. This could be like the ending of a relationship. You believe it needs to be done, however, you simply do not relish the uncertainty that comes next. Some tell you that the freedom will do you good, whilst others talk about not throwing the past away for a non guaranteed future. (Sound familiar). The independence referendum represents change that is forced on you. This again is something that is common. An example of this is being forced into a new roll at work, despite assurances that you would not be. This move is forced because your boss has a vision and will not be diverted from it. Basically, you simply have to put up with it and hope that this will be the last change that you have to endure for some time.

Both of these represent the worst of both worlds in that if one were happening and not the other it would be bad enough, with both happening, it fosters an atmosphere of terrifying change which most have no say in. Interesting days and years ahead I think.

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