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The Bonds of Friendship

The Bonds of Friendship

I found myself thinking about the importance of the bonds of friendship last night. I think as we get older we tend to forget about the importance of friendship when it comes to our mental well being.

When we are young we tend to have many more friends than we do when we get older. Friends we have and maintain as we get older tend to be far more stable than the friends we have in our youth. Sadly as life happens, we can forget about our friends.

Family is a wonderful thing and is the centre of most people’s lives, but there are somethings that friendship can do that family can’t. Having time to spend in fellowship with likeminded people is a real tonic for one’s mental health.

As we are entering the season of good will, make sure that you make time for the friends you have. If you have been out of touch with these folk, make the effort to reconnect, it will be worth it. If you are regularly in touch, make sure you tell these people how important they are to you. The only regret in life is that which was never said, make today the day you address that.

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