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The Allegory of Easter Saturday

The Allegory of Easter Saturday

Carrying on from yesterday’s article I would like to continue with the theme of Easter allegory. Yesterday was about the death of a behaviour or belief in order to change. Easter Saturday is the representation of the bits in between the death and the change. In my world, this would be the therapeutic work. In the story of Easter, this was the time when people were confused and downhearted about the death of Jesus. I take this in a slightly different way.

When a person makes the decision to change, they first need to let go of the original thoughts, beliefs or behaviour in question. So in my take on the story, it is today when the work gets done to move towards the ultimate change. This work involves the therapy room and outside tasking in order to recognise how change can happen and what needs to be done to achieve it. Therapy is a partnership and at this stage of the story, the therapist and clients work together for the change hand in glove.

Once this work is completed, we move to tomorrow or Easter Sunday when the transformation is complete and the client no longer requires the support of the therapist.

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