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The Affair and Hypnosis

The Affair and Hypnosis

One of the more popular drama series of recent years is presented by Sky Atlantic called the Affair. Basically it is about people who have engaged in an affair and are now trying to deal with the after effects and move forward with their lives. Not my cup of tea particularly, but hypnosis featured in a recent episode so it caught my attention.

Now normally, I am quite critical of how hypnosis is portrayed in drama and other forms of entertainment. Whilst the programme did not give an entirely accurate portrayal of hypnosis. It has to be said that it was much better than most depictions. I also found it interesting as to how the programme is attempting to look at trauma and how one moves away from it to get into a more healthy place.

Hypnosis will always be a fascination for the public, especially when one looks at the entertainment side of things (I don’t mean stage hypnosis, but rather hypnosis portrayed in drama etc). I would hope that producers will get good information from good sources, in the past I have even consulted for a television drama which used hypnosis as part of the plot. Hypnosis is a fascinating study, just make sure what you study and see is accurate.

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