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Thalassophobia and Hypnotherapy

Thalassophobia and Hypnotherapy

Summer is well and truly here and for many people the desire to get away to the seaside or some beach resort is the focus of their summer plans. However, for others the idea of swimming in the sea fills them with dread and terror. Thalassophobia is the compulsive fear of the sea or really any deep, dark body of water.

This is a fear that is totally understandable, many films make the sea out to be a very dangerous place filled with creatures which can cause real physical harm. Let’s not forget there was a generation that was convinced of shark attack thanks to the film Jaws. In reality, the sea can be dangerous, but it’s dangers can be minimised by taking certain reasonable precautions which should ensure as much safety in the water as is possible.

Hypnotherapy can help people to rationalise this fear. Approaches can range from simple behavioural modification, in other words helping the client to alter their behaviour. Regression is also a valid approach to dealing with this fear. In this approach a person is regressed back to the point when they experienced the fear for the first time and they are then taught to manage and overcome it. Whatever approach is used, hypnotherapy means you do not need to have this fear dominate your life forever.

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