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Ten Point Plan for Dealing with Stress

Ten Point Plan for Dealing with Stress

1. Learn to recognize when problems are developing and what the early warning signs of stress are for you. Do you get a headache, can’t sleep, and feel irritable?

2. Be prepared to limit your exposure to stress. Cut back your commitments, reduce your workload, resign from a committee or

3. Remember that your life has four cornerstones, family, work, leisure and friends. When planning changes to the structure of one, be careful not to make any changes to another area.

4. Learn to play your life efficiently. Make lists. Thinks of things that annoy you most and try and work out how to solve them, before they develop.

5. Learn to relax your body when you are under pressure. By learning to relax them in private, you will be able to relax them in

6. Learn how to relax your mind. Sit down with your eyes closed and daydream.

7. Take a break at least once a week and take a weekend off every now and then. When you have a holiday, make sure it is a proper one. Switch off your mobile and leave your laptop at

8. Keep yourself as physically fit as possible.

9. Don’t always hide your feelings. Frustration is a major cause of stress, so make your voice heard.

10. Remember, you need a little bit of stress in your life.

Problems arise when the amount of stress in your life becomes excessive. Learn what your breaking point is and you will be able to cope better with stress and enjoy life.

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