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Teasing How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Teasing How Hypnotherapy Can Help

I grew up in a generation which guys tended to tease other guys about whatever was different about them. This was in the day considered good humoured banter. However, in a recent article it has been said that the teasing that members of the LBGTQ continuity face whilst growing up and into their adulthood is causing more harm than any good at all.

To be teased because a person is gay, or for that matter, Jewish or Muslim or Black or otherwise may seem to be just a laugh, but the ramifications are considerable. It drags down a person’s sense of self and assists in nothing other than lowering a person’s self esteem and worth.

That is where hypnotherapy can come in. Hypnotherapy as an intervention can be very useful indeed in helping people with their self confidence and self worth. It can also be a powerful aid to residence. After all, if a person is unmoved by being teased the chances are that the person doing the teasing will move on. It is the response that a teaser is looking for. It is important that we instil in everyone that they are special in their own way and that no one has the right to make anyone feel less than who they are.

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