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Take Time Out for the Sake of It

Take Time Out for the Sake of It

I am a little later than usual in posting today’s offering. The reason for this is that I was taking things easy today. Bank Holiday Monday’s are an opportunity for me to catch up on things that I usually do not have time to do during regular weeks. Now just because I was doing things, did not mean that I was not taking things easy.

I notice in my clients that due to their lives, generally relatively hectic lives, they do not tend to take things easy. There is always somewhere to go or someone to see. Rather than taking care of themselves, they find themselves taking care of other people. While this is laudable, it is unsustainable if a person is not also looking after him or herself.

So I would like to suggest, dear reader, get away from your computer and get out into the air and world. There are so many things to see and do that are there just for the sake of it. Life is too short to not smell the roses or take in a concert or play, so get out there and take time out for the sake of it. Your mind and body will thank you.

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