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Take Time For Gratitude

Take Time For Gratitude

In all of our lives we have good days and bad days, problems and solutions, etc, etc. All too often we can become focused and even obsessed by the negative factors in out lives. This negativity blinds us to the very good things which we have to be grateful for and from a mindful psychotherapeutic perspective it would be in our interests to be more focused on the things for which we are truly grateful.

In life, we can often feel alone against all the world has to dish out, indeed, we can often feel as though there is really no one in our corner. Perhaps that is true for some but for the majority, there are friends and family which are always on our side. And even if there is no one, you are the greatest ally you could possibly have.

In reality, you can own being the centre of your own strength. All of your experiences all of your trials can either be things to strengthen or weaken you. I strongly urge everyone to take a moment or two every day and focus on what we are grateful for. Indeed, this was done in the past in the saying of grace, but I am not suggesting any need for religious belief here, just an acknowledgement to yourself that you are not alone in the world.

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