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Take Strength From Perceived Weakness

 Take Strength From Perceived Weakness

I find that one of the most common thing that I, and other therapists, spend my time discussing with clients is their beliefs about their weaknesses. Be that anxiety, or stress, or other issue, some of my clients feel as though that it is their weakness which defines them.

In some respects this is true, we often tend to focus on the things which make us feel less than who we are rather than the things which give us strength and identity in a positive way. I will often say to clients that there may well be a way to derive strength from what they perceive to be their weaknesses.

One of the greatest attributes, in my opinion, a person can have is the ability to have perspective and be able to see themselves as they truly are. Being able to recognise “weakness” is in itself a strength. This is because when you recognise these things you are not going to be surprised or overwhelmed by them. How often do you see weaknesses in others which the person is completely unaware of or even deny in themselves.

Recognition and self appraisal are strengths which can make a person a better person. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. You can be stronger when you know yourself fully embracing the positive and negative in order to define you as a well rounded human being.

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