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Be Sure Your Therapist is UK Qualified

Be Sure Your Therapist is UK Qualified

As I near my 28th year in the profession, my thoughts are taken back to when I first came to the UK in 1991. I had my original hypnotherapy qualifications from the US, where I was from, but the first thing I decided to do when I came here was to make sure I undertook qualifications from institutions based here and accredited here. After all, it is a public protection issue. It is unlikely that a person from the UK would be willing to undergo a complaints procedure in a foreign country and because of this it would potentially make the practitioner with only foreign qualifications and recognition nearly bullet proof from all manner of professional scrutiny.

Now I am not saying that getting qualifications from a foreign country is bad, indeed I have qualifications from the US, Australia, Spain and Austria. What I am saying is that if a practitioner is not qualified and registered here in the UK, there is a disadvantage to the client. I would go so far to say that there is actually a risk, as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling are not statutorily controlled professions, it means that anyone can work in these professions without oversight. The UK has some of the most rigorous training programmes and accreditations for therapists in the world. Make sure the therapist you see is recognised here, not just abroad.

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