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Sugar in Savoury Food Beware

Sugar in Savoury Food

One of the things I work with often in my practice is weight issues by which I mean helping people to manage their weight with either the desire to maintain where they are or to lose weight. So often people arrive to my office despondent as they have tried all the weight loss routes before coming to me. They have tried diets of various repute as well as some less than healthy options.

The difficulty for people trying to get to grips with their weight is that very often the deck is stacked against them. One such example is the considerable amount of sugar to be found in savoury food. This can come as quite a surprise to many people as we do not equate sweet and savoury as being part of the same food.

It may be a surprise to realise that some sauces in the UK have sugar contents comparable and in some cases exceed the sugar content in such things as ice cream and biscuits.

I tell my clients that in order to have a healthy balance when it comes to food, therapy helps but they must also be well informed about what they eat. These two things combined can really help to have a healthy relationship with food.

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