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Stress- the myths and the facts

Stress- the myths and the facts

The following are some of the misconceptions that are held about stress and the related disorders that are associated with it:-

Stress is contagious.
Wrong, but some people react to those suffering as if it is, people tend to avoid those who have suffered with stress as they do not want to catch the madness!!

Stress is not that serious
Wrong, in the UK one in five people suffer from stress of one form oranother. In industry it costs around 3.4 billion pounds a year in stress related in illness. That equates to approximately 6.7 million working days a year.

If you take a few weeks off, it will go away
Wrong, unless the stressor is dealt with then it will still be there when you return.

Stress only happens to those who are weak.
Wrong, anyone can suffer from stress, it is as individual as people are, one man’s stress is another’s driving force.

A little bit of stress is good for you.
True, but it must be controlled, if not it can be self destructive.

Stress is a mental illness
Wrong, stress is the natural reaction to pressures applied, and the human curve is breached.

Stress is an illness
Wrong, stress itself is not an illness, but if it is prolonged or in excess it can lead to mental and physical ill health such as depression, ulcers, panic attacks and others.

I have a non stressful job, in fact I would say it is boring, I can never suffer stress.
Wrong, under stimulation can also cause stress because you have no challenges, boredom can be as stressful as pressured jobs.

Is stress the same as PTSD
No, totally different, but similar in their beginnings

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