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Stress and Strain in the NHS Could Therapy Help

Stress and Strain in the NHS Could Therapy Help

Much of what is in the news regarding the NHS is about the difficulties faced by patients or striking junior doctors. However, what is frequently overlooked is the stress and strain placed on the staff within the NHS. Most people who work with and for the NHS are devoted professionals who are looking to make life better for their patients. This is often done at the expense of them not taking care of themselves in the best way possible.

The Royal College of Physicians claim that doctors are so overstretched, that they often have no time to eat or drink whilst on shift. Of course, none of use would think that this is acceptable, yet we still expect our medical professionals to be superhuman. Perhaps it is time to look at the provision of support for these professionals. Naturally, as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I believe that one way we can support these professionals is to make therapy and therapeutic services more widely available within the NHS.

I know there is much call on the public purse when it comes to health provision, but if we do not act quickly to support our medical professionals within the NHS, we could be facing a crisis in public health of monumental proportions.

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