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Strangest Things That Happened in Hypnosis

Strangest Things That Happened in Hypnosis

Regular readers of my blog will know that I really hate stories that make hypnosis seem less than it is. Ridiculous stories of “miracles” occurring in hypnosis or incredible transformations after one session. Do these things happen? Yes. However writing about them makes it appear that this is the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

I came across an article today called the “Craziest things that have happened in hypnosis”. It it a great example of the type of articles which I loathe the most. Do odd things happen in sessions? Yes, which by the way happens in all types of therapeutic sessions hypnosis or not. However, I think articles like this, lighthearted stuff is not something which makes the profession any hay. It just makes us look silly at best, con artists at worst.

The last part of the article which offended me the most was called “Famous Believers”. Nothing irks me more than the idea that hypnosis is something to believe in. Like an article of faith. It is not, something to believe in, it is a scientifically, verifiable state and process and not some kind of prayer or belief system. Hypnosis is no different than any other therapy, strange things happen, but I think we should keep this discrete.

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