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The Stop Smoking Con

The Stop Smoking Con

Reports have shown that more than half of UK vapers have supposedly given up smoking. This is somewhat misleading in that yes, whilst they have given up tobacco. I have not seen how long these people have actually been off tobacco, but rather than celebrating this news I view it with scepticism. Why? First, e-cigs are the invention of the very people who sell tobacco products. Let’s be honest, their history of reporting health concerns has been less than exemplary.

E-cigs are a relatively new product, and whilst they have been hailed as much safer than smoking tobacco, there is no long term studies into the possible health issues that may be caused by this product. It is possible that there will be none, but until there are long term studies, it is, in my opinion wreckless to say that there are no negative health benefits to vaping.

Finally, vapers are still behaviourally hooked on vaping. This means simply that they are engaging in behaviour akin to smoking without tobacco. These people are not free from the issue, but rather they are stuck in a cycle of being dependent on a foreign agent, rather than being truly smoke free. Celebrate when the numbers decline using any smoking related product rather than celebrate people using another expensive product who’s health implications have yet to be determined.

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