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Stop Seeking Perfection

Stop Seeking Perfection

I was reading an article today about how difficult it is for politicians to break the smoking habit. There was a slant that was a kind of delighting in the imperfections of our politicians. It got me thinking that I believe that in some respects the pubic are hypocrites. After all, politicians and representatives to government are chose from the people, yet we seem to have ideals for them that we ourselves do not live up to.

I wonder why we have a need to place people on a pedestal only to knock them down again. Surely, this cannot be a healthy activity to engage in. Additionally, one wonders whether or not we are simply projecting on to the people who represent us, our aspirations of perfection which of course ultimately come to nought.

Perhaps, we should all take a good look at ourselves and wonder why we expect others to do what we cannot or will not do. If we do this, perhaps we will have less disappointment with our leaders and maybe we can express our own empathy, which will make our lives better and better for those around us. People are good as a rule, we should celebrate that rather than focus on the negative.

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