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Stay the Course

Stay the Course

Today’s post title is not unique. Indeed, it is a common phrase used with people who are on a journey of discovery. The idea that when we are going through life there will be many things which will distract us from reaching our potential. It is essential in therapy as well as in life in general that we are able to work toward our goals and not allow any difficulties to stop us.

Difficulties are often just opportunities in disguise. It can be difficult to put things aside and see life for what it is, a wonderful experience which gives us a chance to experience all manner of new and familiar things. If things become difficult that is the time to dig into the unconscious resources that you have in order to push through and get to where you want to go.

It is essential that you do not limit your potential, in reality the unconscious has limitless capabilities, we simply need to tap into them. Remember the unconscious mind is there to keep you happy, healthy and well and perhaps most importantly your unconscious will not put you in harms way. So go out reach your goals and stay the course, it will be worth it in the end.

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