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Spare a Thought

Spare a Thought

Well the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is fast approaching. For many this is a time to be with the people they care about. A time to share good food and drink with good people or simply to do some DIY around the house. This is for many people a time to relax and enjoy themselves.

For others, this is a reminder of their loneliness. Friends and family either do not exist or are long gone. For these people the extra time off does not hold anything but sadness and in severe cases depression. People often think of Christmas as being the time to get in contact with people, however I would argue so is Easter. One does not have to take the message of Easter to be literally or figuratively true for that matter. Easter is a family and friend time whatever one’s beliefs. From a mental health perspective, it is also a time when people who are already struggling feel particularly vulnerable.

So as the topic title today says, spare a thought for those who may be struggling emotionally or psychologically. Get in touch with extended family, let them know they are on your mind. Rather than poking someone on Facebook, why not invite the person out for a drink or a meal? In any event, have a great weekend and enjoy the rest time.

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