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Some Birthday Thoughts

Some Birthday Thoughts

Regular readers will forgive me I hope in allowing today’s musings to be of a more personal nature. Today is my birthday, and it has given me pause to consider my life as I creep ever nearer to my half century. I believe I have had a good life, I love my work, which is a real blessing that too few people enjoy. I have friends and family all over the world. Many I see far too little of. Life is good.

I have been thinking also of old wounds, those inflicted so long ago as to no longer remembering what caused them. Despite this they are still painful. Each birthday, I try to find something to dedicate the year to which will improve me as a person and therapist.

This year, I will be dedicating myself to heal any hurts I still hold on to from the past. Also, as or even more importantly, I want to repair the hurts I may have caused to others. Whether my actions were accidental or by design I will make this the year to beg the pardon of those I have hurt. A little old fashioned perhaps, but I believe it will be a tremendous benefit to me as a therapist and a man.

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