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Snow A Perfect Metaphor For Life

Snow A Perfect Metaphor For Life

Well the first major snow has hit the UK and as customary the transport system was in meltdown. Roads were treacherous, trains and planes were cancelled. Frankly it is the same story every year. I was thinking about this today and realised that the snow is a perfect metaphor for how people see their problems. Here in the UK, which does not get a huge amount of snow in any given year is completely paralysed by it. Even with all the warnings it would appear that each snow fall surprises us and is a major problem.

Then we look at places like Canada which can measure the snow they get in tonnage as well as centimetres and meters. The snow they get is many, many times the snow we get and yet, they country still functions as normal. Roads are open transport links are not effective, in other words life goes on.

So what is the metaphor? Well you can see yourself and your problems like the UK when it comes to snow. A disaster of biblical proportions even when expected and you can allow your life to come to a screeching halt. Or you can look at yourself and problems like Canada. Yes there are gong to be problems, big ones, but with preparations and keeping perspective life can continue as normal. I know which one I would and do choose.

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