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Sitting with Awareness

Sitting with Awareness

Having set up your position comfortably we begin by just noticing our physical presence. Perhaps noticing the weight and warmth of our limbs. Allowing the eyes to close softly we can begin to be open to whatever sensations we find, letting go of any uncomfortable sensations, being guided by our intuition as to the best way to do this. We could for example
just imagine unwanted sensations draining away into the cushion or chair. or imaginatively let go of them with the out breath. Notice the breath coming in and out of the body.

Establish a firm connection of your awareness with your body, turning your attention in turn to your feet and ankles, lower legs knees, thighs and buttocks, the general area of the pelvis. the stomach, lower-back chest and the whole torso, the arms and shoulders head and neck. Allow the face to be soft. Just greeting each part of your body with awareness. Respectfully acknowledging whatever sensation you find whilst being open to a process of relaxing, developing in its own way. On this basis notice your emotions. How are you feeling, again just respectfully acknowledging. Now just take a little time to just be with your experience, nothing to do, or achieve. In this context just become aware of the breath, perhaps a little more deeply now, aware of its sensations as it flows in and out.

You may well get the sense that stillness and silence are something that is already there. You just need to relax yourself out of the way. When you can do this you may well experience
that transpersonal awareness of your own true nature. You may continue to be aware of some elements of your surroundings, traffic noise etc., just allow them to be there. All there is to do is just sit with awareness allowing the body breath and mind to become still clear and calm. Just allow things to be exactly as they are.

Continue for 10 -15 min. End the practice by allowing your awareness to become broader and broader. Take a few moments to notice any difference in yourself that may have occurred during the practice.

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