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Single Session Integrated Protocol

Single Session Integrated Protocol

For the next few instalments of my blog I will be writing from the 8th Annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference in Leicester. Today’s post is about the forthcoming master class conducted by Professor Windy Dryden.

Professor Dryden is presenting on his Single Session Integraed Protocol. The assumption that therapy should always be long term has been challenged repeatedly over the past 25 years. Brief solution focused therapists and hypno-psychotherapists have been at the forefront of this challenge.

A single-session integrated protocol has become associated in many therapists’ minds with being money driven and poor quality. Professor Windy Dryden offers a unique perspective on therapy and advocates an integrated approach to single-session therapy.

I have said for years that therapy is not a marathon it takes as long as it takes. There are clients who for a plethora of reasons will respond better to a much more short term focused approach to therapy. Professor Dryden will be discussing today his vast research into this work and challenging the old established paradigm of long term psycho-dynamic style therapy.

I, for one, am looking forward to learning from this genuine master of the art of therapy and very much look to discussing his views with the many students of mine who have come out for this event.

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