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Sexual Harassment Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Sexual Harassment Can Hypnotherapy Help?

One cannot help but notice the groundswell of accusations of men (particularly), powerful men who have engaged in systematic harassment of men and women. This harassment was designed to feed their sexual appetites and many who engaged in it seems to have felt that it was merely a perk of the job when they did it. As sickening as this is, I feel that the media has placed the focus in the wrong place. Well when I say wrong place, I mean that there is too much coverage about the harassers and not nearly enough on those harassed.

Contrary to what many might believe, to be the victim of sexual harassment is to not only experience the harassment, but also to have a knock to self esteem and confidence and to be made to feel less than a person is. Hypnotherapy can help people to recover their self esteem and confidence in a noninvasive way. Hypnotherapy can help to recover “the person” they were before they were harassed. Additionally, hypnotherapy in concert with psychotherapy can also help a person to not only recover, but also to derive strength from the experience and move from victim to survivor to empowered human being.

The allegations made so far, and I am sure that there are more to come, must be treated with care and compassion to the victims and revulsion of those who committed them, no matter how famous the person might be.

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