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Self-perception and Competence Motivation Theory

Self-perception and Competence Motivation Theory

Harter has delineated various domains of competence perception/adequacy, which become more delineated with age. This framework can be useful for the hypnotist. The theory suggests that people are motivated in achievement domains where their competence can be demonstrated particularly if they are intrinsically motivated and perceive themselves as having an internal locus of control. Successful mastery attempts under such conditions are associated with positive emotion and low anxiety.

In my practice I concentrate on the domains relevant to adults. There are those who work with children or teenagers or are interested in working with this group, you may like to see Harter’s ideas for these groups.

The domains identified are sociability, job competence, nurturance, athletic abilities, physical appearance, adequate provider, morality, household management, intimate relationships, intelligence and sense of humour. When we come to discuss Motivational Hypnotism, we will demonstrate how these domains can effectively be targeted to increase motivation.

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