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Self Care Over the Holidays

Self Care Over the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and preparations are underway. The interesting thing is, many people actually work harder on creating the atmosphere and space for the holidays then they do in their day to day work. With the pressure of perfection weighing on their minds, they work to an impossible standard in the hopes that this will be the year they achieve perfection.

All too often these people are left disappointed as their hopes for the perfect holiday is mired in the fact that the people that they are celebrating with are less than perfect. At this festive time, it is important that we take time to look after ourselves in terms of self care and maintenance.

Rather than rushing around trying to achieve perfection, spend time with the people you want to spend time with even if that person is only yourself. With so many people visiting others, we can forget about having time out for ourselves. When celebrating please remember to look after yourself and your own needs as well as the perceived needs of others. Remember you are important in the holiday season as well, take some time to look after you and have a wonderful festive season.

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