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Sarah Taylor and Anxiety

Sarah Taylor and Anxiety

In the news today, I saw a very brave and courageous interview with Sarah Taylor, England women’s wicketkeeper. At the height of her powers she has opted to take time away from cricket to get treatment for what she describes as her “mental injury”, anxiety.

The interview, I believe is a very useful thing for sufferers of this condition. All to often people who suffer with anxiety issues feel that they are the only person in the world who are suffering with this. This belief leads to isolation and a reluctance to discuss this with friends or family and perhaps even more important, a reluctance to discuss this with a professional who might be able to help him or her to get through it.

I thought the use of the word “injury” was apt in this case, as professional athletes think nothing of having treatment for the plethora of physical injuries which can come from playing their sport. I think this could be used as an example to others by treating anxiety and other mental health issues as being as routine and therefore, lacking stigma.

I hope that Ms Taylor makes a speedy recovery from her anxiety disorder and that she returns to the England women’s cricket squad as soon as possible.

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