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Samsung and Hypnotherapy

Samsung and Hypnotherapy

When considering what to write about every day for this blog I come across very odd stories relating to hypnotherapy. Today I have come across something very weird indeed. Samsung had created a hypnotherapy site to help forget television shows. Yes you read that correctly, hypnotherapy to forget television shows.

Their programme is called “Unspoil Me” and it is designed to induce “voluntary amnesia” in order for you to forget the plot lines to your favourite television programmes. Now I have seen enough bogus articles to have treated this one with suspicion, but low and behold it is true. I launched the programme and indeed it is a hypnotherapy programme which is designed to get you to forget about your favourite television shows. There are also a few references about buying a Samsung Television as well.

The “hypnotist” is named Frederic Presto, allegedly a hypnotist of some 15 years experience. However, a google search found nothing for this individual. The hypnosis itself was banal a standard eye fixation approach mixed with a little Ericksonian Language patterns.

My concern is that this sort of nonsense gives people the misconception about what hypnosis can accomplish. As an aid to therapy hypnosis is a very powerful technique, as an aid to amnesia about TV or to sell televisions, it is frankly a joke of poor taste. I have to say that I am disappointed that a company of Samsung’s reputation would use such a shoddy gimmick. After spending my entire adult life in the promotion of ethical hypnosis, programmes like this really offend me.

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