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A Sad Time for Hypnotherapy

A Sad Time for Hypnotherapy

Some years back, St Mary’s University announced that it was going to offer a BSc in Clinical Hypnosis in partnership with a private hypnotherapy school. When I first read the news, I will admit, I was a bit jealous. For years, I have worked through various organisations with the desire to launch such a programme. When I wanted to do a university programme in hypnotherapy, I needed to go through the school of education at Liverpool John Moores University to research the training dynamics in hypnotherapy and the degree did not mention hypnotherapy. I know others have since gone to other universities and other departments to satisfy their desire to add to the knowledge base of hypnotherapy after me.

Not very long after the programme launched there were discussions both in the profession and outside about the quality of the programme. These questions were eventually investigated by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) and their damning report lead St Mary’s to close the programme in 2012.

Reading in the Times Education Supplement today, it appears that 15 Students from this doomed programme are now suing St Mary’s University for upwards of £100,000 each. The university denies their claim stating that they only provided the validation of the course and that they have no duty of care in this matter as the students had contracts with the private training organisation and not them.

Having looked back at the articles about this course, it appears that St Mary’s was very keen on it until it became clear that the academic oversight of the course was woefully in adequate. I am saddened by this, the time will one day come for a legitimate honours degree in hypnotherapy, it appears, however that now is not the time.

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