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S to the Third Power Hypnotism

S to the Third Power Hypnotism

Some years ago my friend and colleague Fiona Biddle and I came up with this model for the practice of hypnosis, S to the third power we called it which stands for




Premise: as a therapist you need to know what you want to achieve (and more importantly what the client wants to achieve!), how to achieve it and how to bring it all together.

Each stage is equally critical. Basic training teaches you techniques, often from one theoretical viewpoint. S3 is about moving on: building ground, gaining expertise, confidence, credibility.

Adds to theory, integrates into self: works on all neurological levels of you as a therapist:

  • Identity
  • Beliefs and values
  • Capabilities
  • Behaviour
  • Environment

Process stuff and psychological theories.

Utilising presuppositions: they give their frame of reference and the bits that they are paying attention to. Their beliefs and values.

Integrating with other skills from your past and current roles.

Use of scripts: how to move on. When they are ok, when not.

Goal setting: finding out what they really want to achieve, create a strategy, plan and check out the plan. If you do they will stick with therapy better as they understand the process AND you are working with what they really want.

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