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Royal Births and Hypnotherapy

Royal Births and Hypnotherapy

With the imminent arrival of another Royal Baby, this time to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, talk has gone on as to how the Royals prepare for birthing. It has been suggested that the Duchess of Sussex, like the Duchess of Cambridge before her are intending to utilise some form of hypno-birthing as part of the delivery. This is indeed good news for the professional hypnotherapist. However, and with me there is always a however, it appears that many are trying to jump on the birthing bandwagon without any formal training in doing so. Now, I should say from the outset, I do not do hypnotic birthing at all. Why? Because I am not trained in it.

With the popularity of hypo-birthing it appears that there is also a growth in trainings in how to do it. Now, I understand that this is natural, but one must also say that just because someone says they are able to teach it doesn’t mean that is really so. The original HypnoBirthing programme was created by Mickey Mongan and to be sure it is a very good method. However, I have found that it is very US centric and perhaps a bit too regimented for some practitioners.

When I am asked, and I am asked a lot, I recommend the Easibirthing Method as created by Sharon Mustard. This is a UK centric programme, which is being used by hypnotherapists and midwives in both private practice and within the NHS. Practitioners who undertake this course are also eligible to carry on in their training into areas relating to fertility and post natal mental health. If you click the link above it will take you to their website which has a list of qualified practitioners. If you are interested in hypnotic assistance for birthing, fertility and/or post natal mental health, I cannot recommend Easibirthing highly enough.

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