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Returning to The James Braid Society

Returning to The James Braid Society

New Year and new opportunities, I have been invited to speak at the January Meeting of the James Braid Society. This is a unique organisation in that it is a social club for hypnotherapists. Names after the famous Scottish Physician who coined the term hypnosis in the book Neurypnology or The Rationale of Nervous Sleep.

I always accept invitations from the James Braid Society to speak as I firmly believe that it serves a very useful purpose. Throughout history, professions have organised themselves in not only professional bodies for regulatory purposes, but also to socialise. In reality, therapists tend to work in isolation, our requirements for confidentiality means that we are only able to discuss matters of work with our supervisors. In truth, it is difficult to understand the work that we do by people that do not work in our profession.

Organisations like the James Braid Society provide a valuable forum for open discussion about the various facets of the hypnotherapy profession. Indeed, these meetings can often cause a degree of controversy, but even when people hold different views people are listened to respectfully and professionally.

For those of you who may be interested in attending the talk I will be doing is Good practice in Hypnotherapy:for a professional and profitable 2018. I will be discussing some of the things I have been writing on over the past several months, so I am sure this will lead to a very lively discussion. If you are interested in attending, go to the James Braid Society website 

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