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Rest and Sleep

Rest and Sleep

As Christmas comes closer and closer, I wanted to talk about the necessity of rest over the holiday season. All too often people are rushing about doing a million things, some necessary some preceieved to be necessary. Indeed for many people the holidays are more pressurised and rushed than the normal non holiday time of year.

I have told many of my clients that what would be the best gift for them for Christmas is a bit of rest. Christmas is not only a season of celebration, but also it is a time for us to reflect on the past year and look at the things we are thankful for as well as the things that we could have done without.

The best way to do this successfully is to do it with a clear and rested mind. Hence the necessity to get some extra rest and sleep this Christmas time. Indulge yourself with an extra hour in bed, give yourself the headspace that you need in order to be truly present and mindful this Christmas. By being in the moment, rather than worrying about what might be or what you hope will be will give you the oppportunity to really get the most out of your time, however you are spending it and with whomever you are spending it with.

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