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Responsibility Taking In The Modern Age

Responsibility Taking In The Modern Age

Responsibility taking, not very sexy or popular now a days. Indeed, where ever possible there seems to be a strong desire to avoid responsibility all together and simply blame someone else for our short comings. I was interested to see that Hilary Clinton has written a book called “What Happened”. I was interested to see if she was going to use this as a method of blaming others for her loss in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

By all accounts, she does take issue with certain people and groups and explains how their actions or in actions were factors in her loss. I was gratified to see, however, she herself took responsibility overall for the outcome.

I think this is quite refreshing and should be seen as a template for people in how they deal with disappointments and failures. Yes, there will always be outside forces which have a role to play, but ultimately it is down to each of us to take responsibility for our decisions and behaviour in order to have a balanced view of the world around us. This balanced view, of course will have a positive impact on our mental health and give us a feeling of control. A feeling of control in a world which seems more and more outside of our control can only be a good thing in the long run.

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