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Is Resilience Part of Our National Profile

Is Resilience Part of Our National Profile

I have often worked with clients on their personal resiliency as this to me is one of the most important aspects of successful therapy or for tha matter life itself. With all the political shifts of late, it interests me as to how we deal with these things nationally. One of the things that I think is part of our national identity is to make the best out of bad situations.

This has particularly been obvious with the election of Donald Trump. Whilst the world and indeed many in America are wringing their hands profisising doom for us all, we in Britain look to make links with the new administration. Indeed there is a discussion about a state visit with the Queen in the summer.

I think that epitomises our character as a nation, and is a great analogy for my clients. I have never been a fan of the saying “When life give your lemons make lemonade”, but it is a trueism for the British. Whilst  we may not be happy with certain things, we are always able to find a positive aspect and seek to make the negative positive. If you are in a negative place today, give some thought as to what positive you can take from the situation and give your focus to that.

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