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RELAX: LEARN TO LET GO! Refresh Yourself With Self-Hypnosis

RELAX: LEARN TO LET GO! Refresh Yourself With Self-Hypnosis

There are countless books on self-hypnosis, what it does, how it works, techniques for use, etc. There are even more books on relaxation, meditation, self-helpand similar subjects. Many hypnotherapists teach self-hypnosis as a part of their offered services. Others use it as an adjunct to therapeutic procedures in specific cases. One factor is critical the user of self-hypnosis is likely
to fare better if the technique is taught by a professional than if it is attempted experimentally from written instructions.

Many professionals claim that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, referring primarily to the fact that hypnosis cannot be forced on anyone. An individual who does not wish to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized. A person who wishes to be hypnotized can take himself/herself into any of several depth levels of hypnosis. But the process is more easily learned under supervision. The learning is not
difficult, and the required skills improve with every personal self-hypnosis experience.

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