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Regression versus Progression

Regression versus Progression

Jungs approach to therapy was to help clients understand problems in relation to current life events. However, he recognised that PROGRESSION associate with consciousness is often served by the need for REGRESSION or learning that resides in the unconscious. Jung believed a balance of inner directedness and external directedness is essential for balance.

Psychological Types

Jung recognised two basic attitudes – INTROVERT and EXTRAVERT – and claimed that there was an innate tendency for an individual to be characterised by one or the other. Furthermore, he identified four functions grouped into two pairs of opposites: thinking-feeling and sensing-intuiting. Broadly speaking, sensing refers to perception through the senses, thinking gives meaning and understanding, feeling is concerned with importance and value, and intuiting looks into future possibilities. He believed that personality imbalance occurred when one function was developed excessively at the neglect of the other functions, in particular the neglect the polar opposite. The two basic attitudes and four functions combine to create eight personality types.

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