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Is The Recent Voting Telling Us More Than Just A Result

Is The Recent Voting Telling Us More Than Just A Result

I write this listening to the results of the US Presidential election which of course comes after the EU Referrendum in the UK. It appears that, like in the UK, the polls and pundits got the results wrong and it looks like Donald Trump may have won the the election.

Whilst not giving my political opinions here, I do think that as a Psychotherapist there is a lesson here that would be best learned by all of us. One of the key issues people present to me with is that they feel that whether in their jobs or their relationships that they are not listened to. The indications that we can take from Brexit and this potential Trump win is that there are a great number of people who do not feel that they were listened to and they are making their voices heard through the democratic process.

As a psychotherapist, my key role in life is to listen, it seems to me that our politicians need to take a leaf from our book and learn to listen more. The difficulty with listening is that often we hear things that we find uncomfortable, however, we need to be able to hear what people say even if we do not agree with it. We are at the cusp of a historical period, I hope that whatever the outcome in the US that we all learn to listen a little more closely to each other rather than to judge each other.

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