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Be Reasonable With Weight Loss

Be Reasonable With Weight Loss

As the New Year get’s into full swing people begin to think about how to change themselves for the year ahead. One of the more common things that people want to change in the New Year is their weight. Hypnotherapy is a popular and effective way to help with motivating people in order to change their relationship with food.

Note, I am not saying weight loss, I am saying changing the relationship a person has with food. That is in actuality the way that one can begin the process of weight reduction. Food is fuel, that is what it is there for. People who have weight issues tend to use food for things that are not related to fuel. They may use it as an emotional crutch or as means of relieving boredom. Whatever a person uses food for, it must be used appropriately.

When some people go for hypnotherapy, they think that there is going to be a weight loss miracle where the weight will just fall off with little or no effort on the part of the client. It is important to keep in mind that weightless of a pound or two a week is the reasonable and sustainable progress one can expect and should hope for. Remember, whatever you do to lose weight, the formula will be calories in must be less than calories out. The formula is simple even if weight loss is not.

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