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Rapport The Unconscious Connection

Rapport The Unconscious Connection

I have often been asked about what makes therapy really effective. Generally, I talk about the need for the therapeutic relationship as well as rapport. Now I know that there are those who say that rapport is a process, and that this process can be replicated to occur in any situation one would like.

To some extent this is true, there is a series of things one can do in order to foster rapport. But the reality of rapport is that it is a connection at an unconscious level. This of course is not unique to therapy, it happens in deep friendships as well as, of course, loving passionate relationships.

Rapport is a cornerstone of good and effective communication and after all, therapy is a relationship which absolutely requires effective communication. I noticed that one of the things not discussed very often with rapport is the importance of listening and being an active responsive listener. Often our unconscious gives paths to follow in a therapeutic dynamic, if we do not listen and observe we will often miss it.

So I suggest to you all, when dealing with people today, please be present and aware. See if by doing so that you get better results with the people you are talking to or working with.

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