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Qualify as a Psychotherapist in 5 Days YIKES

Qualify as a Psychotherapist in 5 Days YIKES

For regular readers of my posts you will know that I have certain issues regarding the ill judged and unqualified practise of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. When a practitioner qualifies one of the most important pieces of information that a graduate should have is what they are and are not qualified to treat.

I have long since despaired at seeing practitioners with basic hypnotherapy qualifications claiming that they can treat conditions such as PTSD and OCD’s along with a myriad of other psychological disorders. These issues need to be handled sensitively as well as competently. I am sure that that majority of people who are offering these services without the appropriate training are doing so from a position of compassion. But compassion alone does not cut it therapeutically.

I have recently seen an advertisement which claims to qualify a person as a psychotherapist in 5 days. Needless to say I was shocked, but I actually can see a market for this. There will always be practitioners who want to elevate themselves in order to justify the work that they are doing. However, in the real world, if you were to say that you qualified as a psychotherapist in 5 days without any personal therapy or other hallmarks of psychotherapeutic practice (such as training in psychopathology, human development and sexuality, and ethics), you will be seen as a charlatan. Worse than that, you will be putting vulnerable clients at risk.

Being a hypnotherapist is wonderful and there are many issues that they can work with, but one has to know the bounds of ones work in order to not only be professional, but also to protect the public.

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