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Putting the Past to Rest

Putting the Past to Rest

One of the most common questions I get asked as a hypno-psychotherapist is whether or not I would regress them. This  could be a present or past life request. I always ask “Why do you want to be regressed?” The most common answer I get is, “I want to fix my past”. Sadly this is all to common a misconception about regression, and that is, by going back into your past you can undo somehow the damage that has occurred.

Whilst it is true that one can re-look at the past and attempt to gain insights from their experiences, it is not true that it can be undone or fixed in the traditional way. Regression is a tool which can help a client to move forward, but unfortunately for some, the preference is to spend their time raking over the past at the sacrifice of the here and now and the future.

It is unlikely that any of us manage to get through our lives unscathed by pain or hurt, and in many cases this pain and hurt may not have been intended at the time. For a client to live as they want to, it is necessary to understand the past, whilst looking toward the here and now to make the necessary changes they need to to live the life they always wanted.


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