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Psychotherapy Quickens Depression Recovery by 90%

Psychotherapy Quickens Depression Recovery by 90%

I know what you are thinking, that figure sounds impressive to the point of near impossibility. Psychotherapy being that successful in the treatment of depression? Incredible. However, I have kept one part of this finding out of the title. That is to say that this result is when psychotherapy is used with a drugs based intervention as well. In other words, psychotherapy assists in the chemical treatment of depression.

This remarkable claim was made by clinical Psychologist, Dr Ehi Oamen. He goes on to say that not only is recovery from depression quickened by 90%, but the rate of relapse is also decreased. So, in other words, psychotherapy teaches clients to aid in their own recovery and continued recovery.

These findings cannot help but make people take notice. Indeed, rather than the treatment of depression being an either or situation (ie: drugs or therapy) these two things actually work better in concert with each other. Surely, these findings demand more funded research by the NHS and Public Health England. If there is a way to help to alleviate the scourge of depression which is certainly on the rise, are we not obligated as a society to look at every possible way to assist in recovery. It is time for more joined up thinking between those who promote drugs based therapy and talking therapy. Though I admit, this is not the first time I have suggested it, I hope that this time it will take.

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