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Psychotherapy Council of UKCP

Psychotherapy Council of UKCP

I have written on many subjects for this blog, so today I thought I would write about what I am actually doing today rather than a conceptual piece. Readers of my blog will probably know that I have been a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy since 1996, 19 1/2 years which seems a very long time to me and sometimes no time at all.

I have served the UKCP in many different capacities, Chair of Section/College, Governing Board Member, Trustee and on different committees, namely the Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties,  International Committee and Organisational Membership Committee. Some of these jobs I have enjoyed and some I would rather not have to do again.

So why am I mentioning all this? Well today I am off to a meeting of the Psychotherapy Council of UKCP. This is a concept that I was involved in creating when I was a trustee of the organisation, but I have never actually attended one of their meetings before. The Psychotherapy Council provides an opportunity for all the various parts of  UKCP to meet and to debate the important issues relating to psychotherapy, the profession and to UKCP.

The Council consists of representatives from across UKCP, including honorary fellows, representatives for each modality as well as representatives of ordinary psychotherapists from each country and region within UKCP. I will be there today representing hypno-psychotherapy.

I feel that the Psychotherapy Council is an excellent example of how a profession can look to its future without the necessary bureaucracy required of running a regulatory body. Whilst delegates will not always agree, they do meet on a level of understanding that all of those in attendance have to good of the profession at heart.

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