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Psychoactive Drugs Seizures Double in Scotland

Psychoactive Drugs Seizures Double in Scotland

Police in Scotland have reported a doubling in seizures of psychoactive drugs in the past two years. This is a grave issue as I have seen first hand the damage that abusing these drugs can cause to people and their mental health. Sometimes, and there were stars like Elvis and Judy Garland, who believed that drugs which were available on prescription were not bad or dangerous as doctors used them with patients. However, the message that needs to be clear when dealing with any drug abuse is that all drugs no matter their intended use can be dangerous when abused or used by people incorrectly.

Drug abuse can lead to many difficulties far beyond the addictive side. Drug abuse can lead to psychosis and long term mental health problems which sadly is becoming more and more common in our younger population. Psychoactive drugs can and do serve a vial role in the overall mental health strategy of treatment. However, if these drugs are misused the consequences cannot be overstated. For the sake of our mental health, it is vital that we engage in a mature and adult conversation regarding drug use and do what we can to not scare people but to properly educate people as to the dangers of the abuse of drugs meant for helping people overcome mental health issues.

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